Hold on! Politics does not deserve your devotion

Note: This article does not target any particular political party or politician.

Bhakti (devotion) in religion may be a road to salvation of the soul. But, in politics, Bhakti is a sure road to degradation (of democracy) and to eventual Dictatorship.
– Dr. BR Ambedkar

What we, modern democracies, imagine politics to be is a power that is superior to us, a power that represents our nation, a power that feeds us and of course, a power we should fear and worship. But, is it?
The whole concept of democracy revolves around the word “People”. People are the superior side. People are the power that represents a nation. People are the power that feed a nation. And of course, people are the power to be feared.


The modern democracies have witnessed a total denial of the power of people. People themselves have failed to recognise their superiority, resulting in their unworthy devotion to their political leaders or parties. Bhakti in politics is something that creates circumstances for a politician to “be wrong and be right even when he is wrong.” Politics being a concept of deception and evil, in most circumstances, is not to be blamed. It was meant for what it does today. The reason behind nations failing as a democracy is not it’s politicians being greedy or it’s people being needy, it is because loyalty to leaders is mistaken as loyalty to the nation.

Riots, attacks, lost lives, and failures of a nation are some issues that we deny to accept when we defend our heroes who have, certainly, let us down, let our nation down. We have killed each other for the greed of our leaders. We have feared our leaders. We have abused the history of our nation to protect our political interests. We have abused each other’s faiths in our comment wars on social media. We allowed ourselves to sink in the ugly side of politics.

So, my proud democracy, maybe it’s time that we stop criticising each other, look at the real flaws of the country, accept our mistakes, recognise our nation’s failures, criticise our leaders, make them fear the real power. Because we don’t have to be a Political Bhakt. We have to secure a developed nation for our generations coming and unfortunately we cannot achieve that by idolising something we created with our small voter’s ID.
Here is Mark Twain summing my words in two lines:

Loyalty for the country, always. Loyalty to the government, when it deserves it.


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