Need or greed?

History, it makes me wonder if I was unlucky to be born in this era. It makes me look for answers to the questions mankind must ask itself before it’s too late. Were we meant to make the world we have made today? Where did we go wrong? Still seeking the answers,today’s comforts wont let me do it, but I am willing to look into our past, where comfort did not mean the device I am holding in my hand right now.
Adam was sent into this world from heavens when he couldn’t resist the only fruit God denied him to eat in the paradise, very well, that’s us the humans, we look for succession, evolution, we want the change, we are willing to look beyond the restrictions. This human nature has made us what we are today, we are communicating over seas, over planets, into the space, we are there inside the cell of a plant, we are there inside the genes of a human being, we can, today, do anything we are willing to. We can create humans, their artificial brains, structures of a plant, grow artificial crops, just anything, you name it. But..Why? Wasn’t the nature enough? Our evolutionary success left us petrified. We ignored the other side of the story yet again. The cars came in, we could now cover miles in few hours, the cost was overlooked. The arms came in, we started building wars just to test them. We did magic with chemicals, got the rabbit out of our hat and who cares what it did. We made this world suffer for our evolution and continued our evolution to stop this suffering. Too smart?

This smartness we are proud of made us overlook something we should be concerned about. Like? Like the abnormal babies lying in the graveyards of Nagasaki. Like the coming generations of Kazakhstan that won’t look like humans anymore. Like the face of heavenly Damascus today. Like the beautiful ice that melts every second on the poles today. Like those animals failing to find their species in whatever greenery we are left with. Like the connection beyond WhatsApp or Facebook our hearts crave.


Climate change, global warming, world peace, ‘green’ planet is something we have closed in the newspapers this morning. Because we won’t believe it till it hits us. This greed of evolution, shall deny this world the concept of life, our future ‘smarter’  generations won’t be anything more than handicapped spectators to it all. Yes, anytime years or ages ago in the history of this world was a better time to live. We are fools to deny while we boast our success today. It’s time we stop the reckoning of this beautiful planet and certainly, not much time is left.



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