Zakir Husain Delhi College- The other face of Delhi University

Delhi University has it’s reputation for being the most ‘happening’ University in India and well, who’d deny the fact. Somewhere within the popularity, the talented students, the food, the events and of course, the high cut-offs, there exists, a 300 year old legacy of Delhi’s finest academic institutions, Zakir Husain Delhi College.


When you come into this college, as a student, very often because you have been rejected by your dream colleges from north or maybe south campus, there is no denying of the fact that you do feel the lack of excitement you expected when you planned coming in to DU. Maybe because of the Rickshaw that just over charged you from New Delhi Metro Station because you are a fuccha, or may it be the strict gate keepers who won’t let you in unless you prove yourself a ZHDC student, or if you are one of those most patient ‘good guys’, you will have to lose it when you get to know the ‘67% or no admit cards’ rule. But you’d learn to let go, because you know you are not in school anymore.

As days pass by, week in week out, you get to know people, your seniors who pass on the attendance hacks, or your teachers, who don’t write boring books on Finance but will prove why Zakir Husain has been successful in maintaining 19 departments and the most number of courses in the University. And you will feel like settling into your surroundings when you’ll find out that the college has a canteen, a separate ‘CHAT CORNER’ and a separate canteen for what you can call a ‘dessert’ and drinks corner. Yes, three of those. If you still don’t find yourself satisfied, the college auditorium, the most fantastic auditorium you’d see at an institute, and if not that, the football field of the college will surely convince you to cooperate with the rules.


Apart from what the college provides you in exchange of your cooperation with the strictness, which is not very “DU”, the students pay a huge role in making you feel that your college is not one of those ‘mediocre’ colleges as people told you. The most reputed Quizzer in the circuit, the passionate photographers of Chimera (the photography society), the ‘university popular’ melodies of merely 21 years old Ram Bhajan, the complete Arts and Culture Society and of course, the pride of the college for decades- the Zakir Husain Delhi College football team which has been the best team at DU for a very long time, shall make you hold your head up high when you meet your on campus friends.

So, a Zakir Husain student’s conclusion would suggest that the college might not be an SRCC or DCAC if you are willing to compare the ‘college excitement’, but, Zakir Husain Delhi College, surely, is one of the best off campus colleges, with remarkable achievements of the sports teams, dancers, quizzers, writers, teachers and the respected alumni.




Hold on! Politics does not deserve your devotion

Note: This article does not target any particular political party or politician.

Bhakti (devotion) in religion may be a road to salvation of the soul. But, in politics, Bhakti is a sure road to degradation (of democracy) and to eventual Dictatorship.
– Dr. BR Ambedkar

What we, modern democracies, imagine politics to be is a power that is superior to us, a power that represents our nation, a power that feeds us and of course, a power we should fear and worship. But, is it?
The whole concept of democracy revolves around the word “People”. People are the superior side. People are the power that represents a nation. People are the power that feed a nation. And of course, people are the power to be feared.


The modern democracies have witnessed a total denial of the power of people. People themselves have failed to recognise their superiority, resulting in their unworthy devotion to their political leaders or parties. Bhakti in politics is something that creates circumstances for a politician to “be wrong and be right even when he is wrong.” Politics being a concept of deception and evil, in most circumstances, is not to be blamed. It was meant for what it does today. The reason behind nations failing as a democracy is not it’s politicians being greedy or it’s people being needy, it is because loyalty to leaders is mistaken as loyalty to the nation.

Riots, attacks, lost lives, and failures of a nation are some issues that we deny to accept when we defend our heroes who have, certainly, let us down, let our nation down. We have killed each other for the greed of our leaders. We have feared our leaders. We have abused the history of our nation to protect our political interests. We have abused each other’s faiths in our comment wars on social media. We allowed ourselves to sink in the ugly side of politics.

So, my proud democracy, maybe it’s time that we stop criticising each other, look at the real flaws of the country, accept our mistakes, recognise our nation’s failures, criticise our leaders, make them fear the real power. Because we don’t have to be a Political Bhakt. We have to secure a developed nation for our generations coming and unfortunately we cannot achieve that by idolising something we created with our small voter’s ID.
Here is Mark Twain summing my words in two lines:

Loyalty for the country, always. Loyalty to the government, when it deserves it.

Need or greed?

History, it makes me wonder if I was unlucky to be born in this era. It makes me look for answers to the questions mankind must ask itself before it’s too late. Were we meant to make the world we have made today? Where did we go wrong? Still seeking the answers,today’s comforts wont let me do it, but I am willing to look into our past, where comfort did not mean the device I am holding in my hand right now.
Adam was sent into this world from heavens when he couldn’t resist the only fruit God denied him to eat in the paradise, very well, that’s us the humans, we look for succession, evolution, we want the change, we are willing to look beyond the restrictions. This human nature has made us what we are today, we are communicating over seas, over planets, into the space, we are there inside the cell of a plant, we are there inside the genes of a human being, we can, today, do anything we are willing to. We can create humans, their artificial brains, structures of a plant, grow artificial crops, just anything, you name it. But..Why? Wasn’t the nature enough? Our evolutionary success left us petrified. We ignored the other side of the story yet again. The cars came in, we could now cover miles in few hours, the cost was overlooked. The arms came in, we started building wars just to test them. We did magic with chemicals, got the rabbit out of our hat and who cares what it did. We made this world suffer for our evolution and continued our evolution to stop this suffering. Too smart?

This smartness we are proud of made us overlook something we should be concerned about. Like? Like the abnormal babies lying in the graveyards of Nagasaki. Like the coming generations of Kazakhstan that won’t look like humans anymore. Like the face of heavenly Damascus today. Like the beautiful ice that melts every second on the poles today. Like those animals failing to find their species in whatever greenery we are left with. Like the connection beyond WhatsApp or Facebook our hearts crave.


Climate change, global warming, world peace, ‘green’ planet is something we have closed in the newspapers this morning. Because we won’t believe it till it hits us. This greed of evolution, shall deny this world the concept of life, our future ‘smarter’  generations won’t be anything more than handicapped spectators to it all. Yes, anytime years or ages ago in the history of this world was a better time to live. We are fools to deny while we boast our success today. It’s time we stop the reckoning of this beautiful planet and certainly, not much time is left.